Project Management System/ Skill ERP / Skill MIS System

Project Management System/ Skill ERP / Skill MIS System

Author : Shiva Kaidala

An integrated and complete MIS system for Corporate and Skill Development Training Companies which implement NSDC, PMKVY, DDUGKY, NULM, UDAAN, State Skill Development Projects, Ministry Skill Development Projects and CSR Projects it helps them to monitor and analyse the complete implementation of Project from the beginning such has from Student Mobilization, Enrolment and Registration to overall managerial activities of Project such has Centre Management, Project Management, Student Management, Asset Management, Query Management, Feedback Management of Students, Placement, Interview Management and Post Placement Tracking of Candidates for a duration of 12 months from the date of placement.

Our PMS fulfills all the standard software requirements to handle a complete project as per Industry and Government Norms it’s also integrated with Learning Management System to empower the Training Companies and Skill Development Organization with a platform of E-Learning for students easy accessibility to the digital and video based content which helps the learner to access the application from any device anytime and helps them to practice multiple kind of assessments and vast question which is provided by the Training Partners before attempting for the Final Assessment conducted by the Assessing Body.

The complete accounts module is automated on this software to maintain a complete track of payments such has advances given to Project and Centre Managers, Franchise Management, Bad debts, Receivables, Pending Payments, Invoices raised vs pending, Salaries of individuals and Centre Level and H.O level expenses and various kinds of expenditures and payments related to a training company are maintained completely with the relevant supporting bills and files attached to it. The complete tracking of Student Payments in various Tranches and Installments from the Government body and students in case of paid model is also tracked in detail.

For CSR Training Companies the complete Budget allocation for the Financial Year and whether the targets are met as per the allocation and performance of an individual and contribution to the project. KPI graph of the project and role based login and option to create multiple roles and mapping the relevant pages and functions to the roles, Vendor Management, Venue Management, Sales Projection, Profits vs Loss, Budget Deviation, Actual  Entry and Miscellaneous at various levels are the details are captured in this software.